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Being hormone positive is not always easy, which is why I offer hormone inspiration – my monthly on line women’s circle.  This month as I tuned into the Aquarius new moon (February 1st) I felt a strong sense of Imbolc and rebirth. The feeling is one of looking forward rather than the stillness that I have been locked into for a few months now.  So, it was with this energy that I drew the creation oracle cards

This month I invite you to remain hormone positive with

The Goddess Tauret– the trump card (card 28) in my oracle set.

hormone positiveHere we have one of my insta posts with Tauret drawn by Sam Foreman; an amazing artist.

The Goddess Tauret takes pride of place in my office.  She  introduced herself to me during a healing treatment on a pregnant client one day around 2013.  I then began to channel her and it is her wisdom which became the Creation  oracle cards. So let me introduce her to you:

Tauret (she is also known as Taueret,Tawret, Taweret,  Ipet, Apet, Opet, Reret; Ririt)  is a birthing goddess.

Some of you may have heard of the Eqyptian Goddess Isis who forms part of the shamanic womb mysteries of Egypt. Well Tauret is also connected with the womb mysteries, Isis and Shakti energy.

Traditionally  Tauret would have been known as a Netjer which are fantastic otherworldly blends of animal and godlike beings that shape change.  Her body is a blend of lioness, crocodile, and hippo. These animals were all feared by the Egyptians but also highly respected. She has the  paws of a lioness, the back of a crocodile and the head and body of a pregnant hippo but still has woman’s hair. She is often seen wearing a short cylindrical headdress topped by two plumes or the horns and solar disk of Hathor, and carrying the “Sa” (representing protection) or the  ankh (representing life, as in this picture).  Like the Goddess Brigid she represents both sun/fire and water energy.

She is both a ferocious demon as well as  a protective and nurturing deity (sounds familiar to most women I know). This is demonstrated with her blend of animal energy.  The lioness, hippo and alligator can all be ferocious but also protect their offspring with great care.

Her name literally means “The Great Female”.

Within the Creation Fertility Toolkit she is the Midwife and  we are blessed to draw her this month because she is a very good omen!  As a birthing midwife she brings conception but also helps with a literal childbirth or can be called upon to birth all forms of new projects.  As you know when you require safety, protection, trust,  inner strength  and focus you CALL THE MIDWIFE!

As a  spiritual midwife she is associated with celestial, earth and physical womb portals  – as humans we may consider this a  “void” or a time of  transition.  She  represents cyclical  energy –  endings and beginnings. She brings new life but also escorts/guides the dead into the afterlife.

She is a Goddess of female fertility and sexuality and goddess of pregnancy and childbirth – her swollen belly was seen as a sign of pregnancy or birth

She is known as a protector of women and children plus a household goddess, revered in the home especially during times of crisis


Remain hormone positive with  card 23. Organic foods. 

hormone positiveThis card comes up time and time again despite the fact that there are 42 cards in the oracle pack. I suppose its regularity is simply because it is such an important card.  We really are what we eat.  We must nourish ourselves, our environment and soil to maintain hormone health, mental wellbeing, remain physically strong, grown nutritious plants and even develop quality food based supplements. Plus of course this card also encourages us to connect with the seasons and Mother earth herself.  There is so much to say about this  card that I can always talk about it for ages.  Having said this, as I was reflecting on the guidance I had one of those “AHA” moments and decided that one of the simplest ways to recognise good food and connect with the environment is through sourcing, preparing and taste!  Today we are going to discuss the 12 nasties  but this year to encourage us all to “walk our talk” I will be sharing what’s in season, plus a recipe each month with you!  By the way, I have just realised that I pulled these exact cards February 2019…………..


The dirty dozen are : spinach, celery, kale, collards, mustard greens, peppers, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, nectarines, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, and pears.

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Finally consider St John’s wort to help you remain hormone positive this month (Spagyric plant of the month)

hormone positiveThis month we are exploring the benefits of Hypericum perforatum; you  probably know it as St John’s Wort.  It grows in my garden like a weed and whilst  it has many benefits  it can also be a challenge.

Spagyric medicine considers  that the wonder of St John’s Wort is that it brings waves of light into our cells, opening our hearts  and helps us stand tall to face our “dark side”


St John’s Wort is the plant of the mood.

It connects with the solar plexus  (third chakra) and encourages positivity.

Brings warming, dynamic sun energy which is why people use it during the winter months if they suffer with seasonal affective disorder .

It is often used during times of  personal darkness and difficulty to give strength.

Most people associate it as an aid to lift depression.

It is also associated with lack of fatherly love  in your life or when you are grieving for a “father figure”

Increases level of consciousness and soul to soul communication.

Suits people whose feel  worse in fog, in cold air or feel worse after wine or who get spasmodic asthma in fog or before a storm

Suit people who feel better lying down or better for meditation


It has been called “arnica for the nerves”

Nervous system: pain relief specifically for pain that radiates upwards or phantom pains after amputation.

Twinges, burns, tingling and numbness – great for shingles pain, carpal tunnel and facial neuralgia

Helps with sleep and insomnia

First Aid: Can be used as an anti-inflammatory

Finger tip injuries  and wounds from prickly objects

Brain and spinal cord injury – including sciatic nerve and back pain generally

Shock to head and traumatic births – such as forcep deliveries

Calms eczema on face and hands with itching

Helps reduce haemorrhoids and can be used for sun allergy and sunburns

Endocrine System and hormone positive: Helps regulate serotonin and dopamine so often used for depression

Hypericum is associated with regulation of the pituitary gland so all hormonal conditions associated with menopause, peri-menopause (including  hot flushes),  painful menstruation, soothes nerves and also hyperactivity such as during PMS. Also used to support male genitalia

Think hyper – excessive thyroid activity, high cholesterol, overstressed, over tired, overheated minds

Digestive system: digestive problems linked with emotional state (think solar plexus area). Circulatory system: hypertension and erectile dysfunction


 This month remain hormone positive by focusing on any of the following :

hormone positiveCould St John’s wort  help you right now?  The challenge of St John’s Wort is that it is super powerful. There has been significant scientific research on hypericum which confirms that it influences/interacts with many forms of medication and other herbals so if you take any herbals or prescriptives please receive specific advise before using St John’s Wort. Having said that Spagyric medicine remedies are considered “safe” due to their manufacturing methods so a Spagyric form of St Johns Wort may be appropriate for you.   It can also be applied in a cream format.

Think organic!  What foods do you buy that are organic?  Are there any others which you may consider?

Why not sign up for an organic veggie box delivery this month?

Or perhaps you want to grow your own.  If so make a pledge to sow organic seeds for your garden and prepare your soil to become more organic.

Perhaps you would like to explore seasonal foods and eat the seasons (organically; see below) this year?

What about some research? Investigate farming methods to help you appreciate the benefits for living a more “organic life”?

Enjoy my recipe at least once this month

Connect with Tauret.  I suggest you do this by writing down some of her strengths and attributes that resonate with you.

Buy her card to help you connect with her daily and use her energy to support you.  She brings protection,  inner strength  and encourages you to focus and get a job done!

Could she help you set some intentions for this year or release something that is holding you back so you can step forward into new beginnings? Perhaps you would like to feel protected  or  maybe you need her support during a time of crisis.  Would you like to draw on her energy to complete a project?  Or perhaps you would like her help with your fertility or pregnancy journey?  Or simply you want to connect with her because you like her!

Keep her picture on your sacred altar and re-read her attributes to consciously connect with her daily. I sell her print for £30 or a greetings card for only £4.50.   Available at my etsy shop, or  from me at creationfertility.com.

Main hormone positive by eating seasonally:

For foraging: Wild greens, chickweed, hairy bittercress, dandelion leaves, sow thistle, wintercress/yellow rocket

Sea: mussels, oysters, scallops, turbot, cockles, lemon sole, bass, bream, cod, whiting, haddock

Kitchen garden: forced rhubarb, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, Brussel Sprouts, turnips, beetroot, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, chard, lettuces, chicory, radicchio, puntarelle (a form of chicory), endive, cauliflower, cabbages, celeriac, swedes, leeks.

Herbs: winter savory, parsley, chervil, coriander, rosemary, bay, lettuce.

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Maintain hormone positive with my recipe of the month:

Enjoy a heart warming simple soup called Cullen Skink – serves 3 as a hearty supper

3 onions – chopped

2 potatoes – peeled and diced

750 ml fish or vegetable bouillon stock

1 carton oatley cream

250 ml oat milk

500 ml smoked or unsmoked haddock or cod chopped into mouth size pieces

Handful parsley – chopped

Some butter  or veggie equivalent and olive oil (about a tablespoon)

Salt and black pepper

I also add a tin of sweetcorn or a bag of spinach (washed) to the pot for the last 5 minutes (optional)

This is my version of a recipe I found by Hugh Fearley-Whittingstall.  I don’t eat much fish these days but it really is very luxurious and full of flavour.

Heat the butter and oil in a large pan until it begins to foam and add the onions. Stir regularly and cook until they are soft.  Add the potatoes and about 500 ml of the stock. Bring to the simmer and cook the potatoes until they begin to soften.  When they soften I gently smash them with a masher to help thicken the soup base.  Now add the fish, milk and remaining stock. Bring back to simmer for 5 minutes. Add the additional veggies, cream and warm for another 5 minutes.  Ensure fish is cooked. The add a handful of chopped parsley to the chowder and stir before serving.  Absolutely delicious alongside some salad or anything else you fancy.

Justine Evans Hormone  Alchemist. ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine, Registered Naturopath, Well Women Yoga, body worker.  In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to hormone, fertility, pregnancy health and menopause health.

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Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.

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