Home remedies to boost immunity

Home remedies to boost immunity

Over the Christmas break I heard of so many people suffering with either the ‘flu or an upset stomach.  It seems that nobody is prepared for illness these days – we just don’t have time!  In truth illness is your body’s way of telling you to STOP, TAKE TIME AND REJUVENATE.  As the season of winter provides us with short days it encourages us to renew our awareness within ourselves and take time to release illness, recover and re-awaken our potential.


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6  traditional support methods to boost immunity

  1.  Hydrate – it is so important to drink plenty of fluids – especially pure filtered water.  Water helps detoxify the body. Also shower daily  – using thermotherapy to support a  fluctuating temperature  and  to boost your immune system.  Just a short blast of 20 seconds of cold water post warm shower can really increase immune health.
  2. Use onions, garlic, himalayan rock salt, turmeric, ginger root and  RAW MOTHER apple cyder vinegar to boost immunity.  They all  contain antioxidants and antimicrobials to help the immune system battle against seasonal viral invaders  – See how to use and eat them by downloading  Recipes and Home Remedies to Boost Immunity and read more below
  3. Get adequate rest including sleep – Getting a good night’s sleep.
  4. Know your boundaries and maintain your stress levels.
  5. Develop a strong immune system by going outside every day. If you are ill this may only be a gentle walk but persist and increase your exercise as your health improves.   We all need clean air and daylight to boost our vitamin D levels.
  6. Breathe – Ensure you  breathe properly. Difficult with a cold or upper respiratory infection but through clearing the airways and oxygenating the body recovery from illness will be easier.


Good nutrition to boost immunity

There’s no substitute for good nutrition!  Choose a seasonal diet containing lean protein, a rainbow of brightly coloured vegetables  including fresh sprouts for antioxidants and fibre  to  boost immunity.  Remember the  include  the staple – that’s  bone broth and apples.

  • Include root vegetables –  carrots and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A; have them steamed or baked with a sprinkle of olive oil, lemon juice and herbs or juice them.
    • A handful of almonds provide almost half of your daily recommended amount of vitamin E , support ing the immune system through the winter months. Soak them overnight to ease nutrient absorption.
    • Mushrooms in various forms contain selenium, B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, which are all known to play a role in a healthy immune system. Unless you suffer from a fungal issue you can eat them raw or lightly  sauté with garlic cloves and coconut oil for breakfast or as an accompaniment to a main meal.
    • Maitake as  your flu shot
    • Shiitake against virals and pathogens
    • Cordyceps for energy, stamina and endurance
    • Turmeric is an amazing antioxidant.  I recommend that you drink it daily.  Just juice up some fresh root with 3-5 peppercorns and then freeze into ice cubes.  Include 1 ice cube daily,  adding to food, heat to make a tea or add to your morning smoothie or juice.
    • Fermented foods and probiotics –  the healthy bacteria and essential for immune support.  Remember to make your own kefir, kombucha or sauerkraut and eat daily!
    • Too many high fat foods, sugar, caffeine, recreational drugs and alcohol  suppress the immune system, clogging up the lymphatic system so limit your consumption  and give your body a break.
    • Remember to dry skin brush daily –  download  Creation Guide to Dry Skin Brushing or come to see me for your own personal nutrition evaluation or have some far infrared therapy with a dry skin brush! 

Home Remedies to boost immunity

Cut a onion up

Onions have been used for aeons as a form of traditional medicine.  Naturopaths have been using onion poultices on the chest or feet to reduce coughs, fevers and flus for centuries and to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. I often recommend  Spagyric allium remedies for viruses and illness.

TIP: Place onions in your homes during winter flu season.  Simply cut onions  in half and leave  in the room of an ill person to relieve their symptoms quickly and naturally.

White onions  seem to work better than red onions.  Remember onions need to be peeled to be used as a preventive measure against flu and viruses and should be replaced every 3 months. When someone  is ill with a cough, flu, cold or fever  the onion needs to be cut in half in order to expose the maximum ‘healing  odour ” and boost immunity.


Garlic is an extremely potent natural antibiotic, & antiviral and antifungal. If the infection is brewing start with a steam garlic  inhalation. Boil a pot of water, add minced fresh garlic to it (3 to 4 cloves should do). Get yourself comfy, cover your head and pot with a towel and start inhaling. The steam alone is an amazing decongestant and helps to clear the breathing pathways.

Make a garlic tincture: Peel and chop 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic.  Place in a jar and cover with 8 tablespoons of honey. Stand for several days, then strain.  Take by the teaspoon  daily  (2x for children 4x for adults) to boost immunity or if one of the family has a chest infection, viral or cough then give daily whilst the illness remains.   You can also make the syrup with apple cyder vinegar.

Mother raw apple cider vinegar

In addition to or instead of fresh garlic, try MOTHER  apple cider vinegar. A 1:1 proportion with steaming water will create a powerful  inhalation mix. Apple cider vinegar thins mucus.  You can also drink Mother apple cyder vinegar  – more about this here

Coconut oil

Coconut contains two special ingredients, lauric acid and caprylic acid. Both are well-known for fighting off yeast and bacterial infections. Many of the viruses and pathogens coconut oil has been found to prevent include herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, HIV, listeria monocytogenes, helicobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia. If you don’t know what all those are, don’t fret – just know that coconut oil is truly a wonderful tool to keep in your immunity kit of wellness as a more natural solution.

TIP – place half a teaspoon of oil in your mouth daily and swish around for up to 10 minutes before spitting out.  This is known as OIL PULLING and will not only clean your teeth but also maintain a healthy mouth!


Essential oils and herbs

Steaming:  3 drops of  essential oil per pint of water.  Float the oil  on the surface of the bowl of steaming water – just off the boil.  Drape a towel over your head and breath in the steam for 2-3 minutes.   For nasal congestion breathe in through the nose.  For a sore throat breathe through the mouth.

Mouthwash: Mix 2 drops with 285 ml spring water.  Shake well until dispersed.

Tea tree oil is a strong natural antibiotic and antifungal. By inhaling it, you deliver the antibiotic directly to your suffering nasal membranes .  Eucalyptus and lemon essential oil helps clear nasal and chest congestion caused by colds and sinus infections and coughs. Lavender is great for hot flushes. relieves a sore or dry throat, great when coming down with a viral.

Mint is an anti-inflammatory so  use as an essential oil or  make some freshly made tea to ease gastric virals and clear colds, flu, sunus congestion and laryngitis. Rosemary  boosts liver and kidney function  so add a few sprigs to bath water  to stimulate lymph drainage and  to ease aches and pains.

A while ago I  talked to Anna Watson from Arnica   Natural Immunity onKingston Green Radio about  boosting immunity naturally.  Listen to it at a time that suits you here Kingston Green Radio Talk With Justine Evans 

For  for more information download my handout Justine’s Top Ten Tips for Immunity which includes plenty  more  home remedies!

Justine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert.  She is a qualified nutritional therapist, registered naturopath and Energy healer.  Justine considers women’s health not only from a functional medicine perspective but also bio-dynamically considering the impact our health has with lunar and seasonal energy.