Health Tip No 7 – Does it grow in this form?

Naturopathic philosophy considers natural foods, light, warmth, massage/body treatments , fresh air and regular exercise, all of which shall be covered over the weeks.

This week my health tip recommends you ask yourself  “Does it grow in this form?” whenever you buy food. If the answer is no then it is likely to have been processed in some form.  One of the healthiest ways of eating is choosing food in its natural form – fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, grains, pulses, fish, poultry and meat. Over the past weeks on twitter and facebook I have been recommending and sharing fresh vegetable juice recipes daily – this is an excellent way of increasing your natural food intake and helps to cleanse the liver.

By considering what you buy, where it originates from and how you choose to cook or eat it helps you identify with the food and appreciate it.  In addition your digestive enzymes are activated as you prepare and cook it.

My meal suggestions this week include:

Fresh vegetable juice each morning

Fruit eaten on its own in its natural form

Freshly steamed vegetables with grilled or baked meat/fish/poultry as main meal

Tomato Surprise eggs

A freshly made salad with sprouting seeds

Freshly made hummus with crudités

My recipe book “Create Health” offers  selection of recipes and can be purchased from