Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Wonderful New Year! For me 2013 welcomed new clinic space, new clients, many pregnancies and births not to mention the ever evolving naturopathic professional development. The Creation Fertility and Justine Evans clinic (supporting hormonal, fertility and womens health using Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, Far Infrared, Energy Healing ) @ The Conscious Health Centre, 64 Hampton Road, Twickenham TW2 5QB  reopens Friday  January 3rd 2014.  I have a dedicated clinic room here on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I look forward to helping you recover and maintain health during 2014. Don’t forget the Special Offer during January is Far Infrared Therapy.  The Conscious Health Centre has a dedicated Far Infrared Therapy room and we are offering your first treatment for only £10!  More information on the benefits of far infrared can be found here https://www.justineevans.co.uk/far-infrared-therapy-special-offer/. If you have not yet signed up for meditation and/or personal/spiritual development I recommend that you Explore Meditation.  It really is amazing for your well being and helps you dissolve the blocks that challenge you. I still have a few places available for my courses/workshops beginning January (details below).  Please email if you would like to secure a place.

Title Date Time Cost Where Includes
New Moon and New Year   Workshop – facilitated by Sarah Foster, Justine Evans and Muriel Mueller 1st January 2pm – 5pm £20 phone Sarah   Foster xxx
(07940 136 482)
Bullen Hall, Hampton   Wick 3 hour celebration with   a mixture of yoga, meditation,   candles, chanting, music, dancing,   eating and setting intention’s for the year ahead.
To confirm your place – email sarah_chamberlain@btopenworld.com   and payment/event details will be emailed to you.
Exploring Meditation January 28thFebruary  25thMarch 25th Last Tuesday evening per   month 7.30 pm – 8.45 pm £33 for the term The Greenwood Centre,   School Road Hampton Hill This term meditations   connect with the Seasons.  Reiki, reflection and herbal tea or seasonal   soup offered.
Conscious Development.on-going course   demonstrating a wide range of “tools” supporting energy healing 6th January,3rd February,3rd March, 31st March,  Sunday 6th   April 7:00 pm – 8.30 pmMondays10.00 am – 12 noon £100 for term The Conscious Health   Centre, 64 Hampton Road, TwickenhamTW2 5QB Protection and Grounding –   forms, exercises, relevance. Developing sensory skills   and peripheral vision  (audio, smell, sight, touch), Sensing   Colour  – its meanings and  interpretation. Putting it all together – 1   morning practical
Sunday Chanting January 26thFebruary 23rdMarch 23rd Last Sunday of the month10:00am – 11:00 am £10 per meeting   pay-as-you-go The Conscious Health   Centre, 64 Hampton Road Twickenham TW2 5QB January 26th    – Aum/Om  Its prolonged   intonation vibrates throughout the entire body. It represents the past,   present and future.February 23rd  – Om So   Hum – I   am that I amMarch 30th    – Om Namo Narayanaya   – maintains balance   and harmony
Building a Reiki     practice -Mentoring Friday 21st   February 10 am – 1 pm £50 per person The Conscious Health   Centre, 64 Hampton Road Twickenham TW2 5QB Setting your intention, Finding your USP (unique selling   point),   professional memberships, leaflets – marketing and fees –   general mentoring from Reiki Master.

With Love and Blessings