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Archived Newsletters:

Summer 2016 – read my blog here where I offer you all the news, short courses and plenty of goodies!

Spring 2016e-newsletter: Delicious recipes – Nutty Crackers, Wild Garlic Pesto plus links to free meditations on line and details of an amazing Spring Seasonal Programme to detoxify and revitalise plus details of the Nurture and Nourish Retreat in East Sussex over the weekend of October 21st-23rd 2016. Download now!

Winter2015e-newsletter: News on LoveYourWomb events. We focus on Overindulgence/Hangovers and the Liver. How to support your liver over this time. Also introduces Creation Essence and Seasonal Health programmes

Summer2015e-newsletter News on Love Your Womb Event and future hormone health events. What is alchemy? Survey and much more plus 2 delicious recipes for your well being

Spring2015e-newsletter – News on clinic hours, Wellness weekends, Fertility Talks, Meditation Groups in Twickenham, Radio Talks and much more!

Autumn2014e-newsletter – lung and large intestines – special offers, Energy remedies and Hemp Smoothie

Summer2014e-newsletter – heart and small intestine health. Consultations, Clinic Hours, meditation

March2014e-newsletter – meditation, special offers, consultations, recipes

January 2014e-newsletter – far infrared therapy, Justine Evans Clinic Hours, recipes,

October2013e-newsletter – meditation

August2013e-newsletter – what is a Naturopath?, Simple Baked Fish, Conscious Development Group


Womens Health:

Naturopathy and Endometriosis. Powerpoint connecting naturopathy with endometriosis. For meditations for women’s pain look here

Hormonal Calendar – excel spreadsheet to be used when assessing pain and symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle

Guide to Skincare – natural guide to skincare including information on toxic ingredients and how they affect hormones and health

Guide to Environmental Toxins – Free support guide to help you understand how ingredients within household cleaners can affect your health

Creation Fertility Guide To Ovulation and Conception – useful support for understanding your monthly cycle

Superfoods for Fertility and Hormone Health – easy to read guide to some of the natural superfoods to support your hormone cycle

General Health:

What is a Naturopath and Naturopathy? Offers an explanation on the approach to a naturopathic lifestyle Naturopathic Lifestyle

Justine’s Top 10 Tips to Support Your Immunity Creation Guide to Immunity

Recipes and Home Remedies to Support Your Immunity Recipes and Ideas To Support Immunity

Sleep – How to Get A Good Night! Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Summer 3 day cleanse – a gentle but effective summer cleanse to support hormones and weightloss. I include recipes and reasoning plus full intructions. More details are also within my blog 3 day Summer cleanse. You will probably also choose to download the Detoxification support below for naturopathic detox instructions

Detoxification and Liver Health – How to use Castor Oil Packs, Ginger Packs, Enema’s, Epsom Salt Baths Detoxification Support

The Importance of Mindful Eating – reasoning for mindful eating plus a recipe and mindful exercise. Also see my blog , meditation and nutritional therapy

Skin Brushing – How to Creation Guide to Dry Skin Brushing

Teenage health2013 – helping teenagers

Why Wheat Free? – 2008 article on gluten – however an updated article will be available soon.

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Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert

Hormone Alchemist and Fertility ExpertJustine Evans is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert. She offers consultations and naturopathic support to encourage balanced hormonal health. Justine can be contacted at 07747 133170