FREE Spring Hormone Detox begins February 26th

FREE Spring Hormone Detox begins Sunday February 26th. Can you join me?

This 4 week Spring hormone detox is different! Using moon energy, the 5 elements, seasonal foods and traditional natural remedies my FREE on-line hormone detox is perfect if you are looking for a step by step approach to regulating hormone health.

Who benefits from this FREE Spring Hormone Detox?

Post failed IVF or miscarriage Students and teenagers Hormone balance post lactation Fibroids and ovarian cyst sufferers PMS sufferers Endometriosis sufferers Hot flashes Mood swings
Post  menopause or coming off HRT Recently stopped oral contraceptives, coil or  implant Hormonal acne Post hysterectomy Preparing for pregnancy Heavy periods No periods Hormonal headaches and migraines
Peri- menopause General health detox Irregular menstruation Post cervical ablation or womb ablation Cyclic digestive upsets Fibro cystic, engorged or tender breasts Recurrent cystitis or bladder frequency PCOS sufferers

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How the FREE Spring Hormone Detox works:

Working with the phases of the moon the Spring hormone detox  begins Sunday 26th February.

Once you have registered I explain the philosophy and approach behind this FREE hormone detox. I explain why Spring is the correct season for a  hormone cleanse and how the moon influences us.   I discuss the  importance of natural  cleanses, healthy seasonal foods and how the 5 elements can support hormone health. Each Sunday  I provide easy to follow step by step guidance. Even better, these informative videos can be watched at any time that suit you.

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What makes this Spring hormone detox different?

Mindful EatingThis programme is totally natural – NO SUPPLEMENTS are used. Only traditional healing methods such as filtered water,  regular meals, seasonal foods,  skin brushing,  home made exfoliating body scrubs,  Spagyric remedies (optional), juices, breathing, meditation,  exercise, compresses and essential oils are used.

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More about the FREE Spring Hormone Detox

Now you have registered there will not be much you need to prepare before the FREE Spring hormone detox begins.  You will probably have most of the natural remedies in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards but if there are additional purchases required I am offering discount codes for you to buy them with.

Sunday 26th February.  The Spring hormone detox begins!  This week we focus on the element of Earth.  I gently encourage detoxifying cleansing  using home made body  scrubs and grounding breakfast options. I discuss how biodynamic energy,  Spagyric remedies,  essential oils and living teas can encourage positive thought and hormone balance.

Sunday 5th March. As the moon waxes energy builds  we reach Step 2. This week the Spring hormone detox  includes the  element of Air.  It is time to oxygenate the body ensuring deeper detoxification. Justine includes healthy seasonal lunch recipes and alkalising drinks to encourage blood sugar balance and hormone health.  She shares lifestyle and exercise suggestions to support  deeper cleansing.


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Sunday 12th March (full moon).  Together, over the past 14 days your mind and body has been gently guided to open detox channels and alkalise at cellular level.  As the moon reaches its peak energy is high.  Both the mind and physical body are ready to connect with the element of fire/heat. This week the Spring hormone detox  steps up, focusing on delicious evening meal options, fiery juices and liver compresses to help regulate those hormones.



Sunday 19th March. As the  moon wanes,  we move towards completion.  We  are integrating all 5 elements (ether, earth, air, fire, water) to restore balance.   In this final video Justine offers suggestions using the element of water to complete your Spring hormone detox.  The new moon on Tuesday 28th March marks the end of this hormone cleanse.



Justine has also prepared an exclusive  Spagyric remedy specifically prepared to support hormone balance whilst detoxifying .  If you are interested in this optional extra click here.  If you are interested in personalising the Spring Hormone Detox   Seasonal body treatments and nutritional therapy  are also available  (additional cost).

Justine Evans NDPlease email to reserve  your place on this Spring Hormone Detox  or request a naturopathic nutritional consultation.  You can also call me on 07747 133170.


Disclaimer: Justine Evans ND is a registered naturopath and nutritional therapist.  These opinions are suggestions and should not be considered advice.  Justine  does not accept any responsibility towards your health through reading this blog.  If you have any concerns about your health please receive the advice of a health professional before applying any changes to your lifestyle programme