Justine’s Fees

Justine’s Fees:

Naturopathy and Nutrition Consultations – Hormone MOT Fees – £250

Includes  initial  1.5 hour appointment, full consultation, in-house health screening and bespoke 1st protocol PLUS 45 minute follow up consultation.  This fee is the same for skype consultations.

Additional follow up appointments £80

Please note consultation costs exclude supplementation, functional laboratory (blood,serum,saliva,stool, urine) tests; hair analysis; or Energy remedies/Bio-regulatory remedies.

GP Letters – I am happy to include the first letter to you GP within the initial cost but thereafter I charge  £25 per letter

Hospital Appointment Support – £150 for a morning (9am -12 noon), £250 per day plus travel costs

Nurture and Nourish Programmes –  £300 – £500

A complete service for those in need.  Suitable for anyone who needs support to recover post personal or medical trauma.  This package is truly bespoke and the treatments and programme offered will depend on your circumstance.  It generally includes some home visits for body treatments, home made meals or juices delivered  and/or a nutritional programme.


There are many words that I could use to describe Justine but the most fitting is ‘Amazing’. From the moment I met her almost 18 months ago she made an immediate positive impact on my life. I initially went to see her to realign my chakras as I was feeling out of sorts and was going through a tough time in my life. She helped me to refocus and filled me with positivity and helped me to visualise the life that I wanted and gave me the guidance and support to make that happen. In April 2017 I was involved in a freak medical accident which almost cost me my life, throughout this time I never lost focus on what Justine had said and she supported me throughout. After coming out of hospital my body was frail and my hair was falling out. My first port of call when I was discharged was a trip to see Justine. She helped to bring me back to life again. Over the space of 6 months she helped me to detox my body which helped with the regrowth of my hair and she also helped with the anxiety and trauma of what I had been through. Whether it’s life or health support  Justine is always there for me, with a smile on her face and words of encouragement and love in her heart. I cannot recommend her services enough. Thank you Justine – from Jo, Weybridge January 2018

Mindful EatingCoaching  Fees and answering queries via email

Guidance rather than a specific protocol.  I have found that many of my clients are requesting additional naturopathic support  and coaching during their body treatments. You may need help interpretating NHS or GP laboratory tests,  want to discuss healthy food choices, some form of supplement for an acute episode of your health (such as a virus or your child’s health) or maybe something completely different.  I am more than happy to support you but I have found it increasingly difficult to combine both coaching and body treatments within the same time scale as one requires discussion and the other silence! From 2017 I have adapted my fees to ensure that I can answer your queries but without losing valuable treatment time.  Additional costs shall be applied on a time basis as set out below

£20 for up to 15 minutes,  £40 for 30 minutes, £80 per hour 


Signature Therapies and Energy Healing Fees

Seasonal health programmes 

45 minutes  final trimester reflexology £50.00/ 1 hour reflexology £60

Signature treatments (2 body therapies combined into 1 treatment) £70

Far Infrared Thermal Treatments – £150 for course of 6

Channelling/Energy Treatments £60-70

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE   – Castor Oil packs  OR ginger compresses add £5 to the treatment cost.  Add £8.00 for ear candling

Course of 6 treatments: Pay for 5 and get the 6th free!



1-2-1 Meditation  £60 or buy a course of 6. Group meditation @ £10 per person

  • Methods of Payment:  bank transfer, cheques with guarantee card, cash, debit and credit cards.
  • Gift vouchers available! On line @ www.creationfertility.com or in clinic