Fancy a warming winter detox?

Do you fancy a warming winter detox? 

Whilst walking the dog the other day I  was pondering on a seasonal special  and thought – yes, time for a warming winter detox. Christmas silliness is upon us and the weather has definitely become “chilly”.

So, alongside my alchemical seasonal offer I invite you to this special   warming winter  detox right up until 2nd January .

Chinese medicine dictates that the winter months are not  really the correct time to detox  but  as I like to integrate more than one approach I have adapted a detox to connect with this season.  I think that many of us want to  detox and cleanse before and after Christmas.  We tend to feel the cold during this season, over indulge with the social toxins (alcohol, emotional stress, caffeine, late nights,  overstretch the finances,  excess on food and  desperately try to fit into those little black dresses!)

To help restore hormone balance, maintain a healthy weight,  keep warm and include the all important “me time” this wonderful warming winter detox focuses on the liver  and includes:

castor oil pack to maintain hormone balance – specifically supporting menopausal symptoms; sleep disturbances, endometriosis pain, pcos and ovulation disturbance,  encourages weight loss, healthy circulation  and  to support a general detox

Dry Skin brushing – stimulates circulation and tightens skin,  helps digestion and reduces cellulite,   super anti-ageing, increases cell renewal,  stimulates the metabolism,  general  detoxification,  removes dead skin layers, revitalises the skin AND helps to strengthen the immune system.

Far Infrared Therapy – this deliciously warming and relaxing form of sauna not only intensifies the castor oil treatment but  is a amazing  detox tool.  Whether you are wanting to detox because of  Christmas excess, lose a few kilo’s to fit into your Christmas frock, been overdoing the party season, suffer with stress, hormone imbalance,  an overload of chemicals, parabens from cosmetics, heavy metals, pesticides,  or multiple chemical sensitivities this is such an easy way to warm up and cleanse. The far infrared supports weight loss and cellulite, reduces chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, eases asthma and breathing difficulties,  balances hormones and menopause symptoms, support fertility and warms the womb during ovulation. And if you are lucky enough not to suffer with any health complaints it  provides a perfect opportunity for relaxation and gorgeous “me time”

Appreciating that money can be tight over  this quarter I am offering this wonderful winter warming detox for only £120.  That’s 4 sessions for only £120 and it’s available until  2nd January


You can always buy a gift voucher!  Call me on 07747133170 to arrange.


Justine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist, connecting life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western science with traditional healing  &  alchemy. Justine  is a registered Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist is a Usui and Seichem Reiki Master/ Teacher, works with Goddess energy and  and runs a private Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Richmond Borough, Surrey.