Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation

Exploring meditation with Justine Evans @ The Greenwood Centre, School Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12.

Term dates Tuesday September 30th, October 28th and November 28th – that’s the last Tuesday evening of each month. 7.30pm start – 8.45pm

Meditation is essentially a mindful practice to develop “space between  thoughts”. Regular practice encourages the ability to observe rather than judge yourself and essentially it helps you to exit or at least control stress in your life.  This term  connect meditation with naturopathy – mindfully linking the seasons,  physical health and emotional wellbeing. 

I am supporting personal practice guiding you step by step over 3 meetings to help you begin to find the space between your thoughts and encourage a positive mind set – enabling you to begin to live in the present rather than focusing on the past which you cannot control.   Each meeting lasts for  1 hour  15 minutes and ends with some herbal tea and reflection. 


The Chineses  saw their psychological and physical health reflected in the changing rhythms of nature. According to the philosophy the flow of seasons correspond to the five basic qualities – Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Metal. On a physical level the organs associated are:

Late Summer:  the organs Spleen and Stomach  – element of Earth

Autumn: the organs Lungs and large intestine  – element of Metal


So to recap  we will be mindfully linking Exploring Meditation group practice with the  seasons,  the relevant  organs and  mental thought processes.  For a change this term we will also be including vibration via a  chant/mantra  before a period of silent relaxation.  Some of us within the group are experienced with mantra chant but if you feel challenged by this please just enjoy the vibration of the sound and join in when you feel comfortable!


Exploring Meditation.  Step 1 Breathwork  September 30th 

Autumn time offers an abundance of nature – crops being harvested . This in between season includes a flourishing of nature but a feeling of change in the air. During the  1st meeting will be concentrating on mindful breathwork utilising the lungs and abdomen to ground us and control  excessive thinking.  We will concentrate on the third eye  (area just above our eyes) to broaden our view of life and provide an area of focus.   We will include a  short but powerful  mantra chant    Aum Ham Yam Ram Vam Lam, the Sanskrit sounds for the chakra ‘s before enjoying a period of relaxation and reflection.


Exploring Meditation . Step 2 Posture . October 28th.

The 2nd meeting  meets when Autumn is definitely with us.  It is  an excellent time to gather your energy up, support the lymphatic immune system located in the spleen and colon and  identify  any  physical and emotional thoughts that you may be holding onto. This meeting focuses on posture to support breathing and meditation. The led visualisation supports this mind process and we will chant   Om Mani Padme Hum  which translates to – May my soul shine brightly.  Once more we will complete the practice with relaxation, reflection and herbal tea.


Exploring Meditation. Step 3 – Letting Go. November  28th

The final meeting of the term concentrates on releasing and letting go of anything that no longer serves you – be it mindset, pain, weight, fear, negative experiences in readiness for the darker evenings, Christmas and the forthcoming year.  Today we shall be including breathwork, posture, a led visualisation and chant  – Aum Yam Wei Doom Namaha which translates to  May I be guided through my heart. We shall use prayer beads (provided) . . completing the term with a gratitude letter, reflection and tea.

If you are interested in home practice I suggest you download and print off my mantra challenge support here Monthly Mantra Meditation Challenge

Please bring a yoga mat for the period of relaxation and a meditation cushion/zafu/pillow if you DO NOT wish to sit on a chair..

£33 for the 3 meetings.  Please send a cheque for £33 to Justine Evans by September 15th. Address: 12 Grenville Mews, Hampton Hill TW121BE to secure your place

For more information on  meditation look here Exploring Meditation