Ever heard of Divine codes?

Ever heard of Divine Codes?

Yup, I know what you’re thinking but read on – this is really interesting if you have a “spiritual side”.  Today’s musings come about after my workshop on this subject at the Awaken the Goddess festival on Saturday July 28th 2018.   I was so touched and happy to meet so many souls who were open to self-healing and interested in the concept of divine codes. The workshop was really well attended so here is a little more on the subject and  a copy of Awakening Spiritual Codes workshop  notes . 

What are Divine Healing Codes?

Put simply they are a form of quantum healing  using intention and numerical sequence vibration connected with pure heart energy.  (quantum healing is a connection with consciousness i.e. everything is connected).  From reading transcript channellings it appears they originated from  “ Source/Divine Mother and AA Raphael” who gifted them as a form of  healing medicine to the Lemurians and Atlantis.  Obviously health disorders have evolved so new codes have been gifted via channelling and also  alternative numerical systems developed.   By the way, this is a painting  of  The Divine Mother by Sam Foreman who is an amazing spiritual artist.  You can buy  Goddess greetings card or prints at our Etsy shop  

How did we find out about Divine codes? 

My understanding is that Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn brought them to public awareness during 2012 although I was first introduced to them by a lovely healing friend.  Since connecting  I have imprinted them into my nutritional therapy protocols, Spagyric remedies  and  my healing practice.

If you are interested in learning more about them then please read more of this blog,  watch my video on them, download the Spiritual Codes  or come and see me for a treatment!

Developing your healing potential using Divine codes

I believe health and well-being depends on a harmonic functioning of our physical, emotional and spiritual  health.  “The 3 treasures”.  In my 20 years experience as a natural health practitioner  not a day goes by within clinic without me being reminded that all physical health disorders seem to originate from an emotion (conscious or unconscious – past or present).  They can even be related to ancestory/genetics/ or even past life.   You may find it easier to understand   this from Chinese medicine.

 The Nei Jing states  “It is known that all disease arise from the upset of Qi”

So this blogs intention is to introduce the concept of Divine codes. I invite you to dive deep, experiment and see if they help you self-heal.   Just be open and use them with pure intention.   As my expertise relates to  nutrition and hormone health the workshop notes include specific hormone balancing divine codes associated with plants (such as ginseng) and  other herbs/foods/nutrients to support  well being together with emotional, physical and spiritual divine codes.  I have also included a meridians  table to introduce how an organ can be associated with a  physical symptom and an emotion.

How to Use Divine Codes:

First of all print the  Awakening Spiritual Codes notes  to get the divine codes.   I suggest you cut the codes up and then  fold each one and place into a  jar or some kind of vessel.  Draw a code whenever you feel guided to.  This is how I work within my clinical and personal practice  – I  often ask clients to  pull  code when they come for an intuitive consultation or some healing and am always astounded by their accuracy.   To help you get the point,  I pulled one  just now and it was



Things to remember:

REMEMBER always  use them with pure intention.  

Experiment  – they connect differently  for different people and places.

Whilst it is perfectly valid to work with only one number  at a time, I  have found that including an emotional, chakra,  meridian or  spiritual numerical sequence seems to  empower the number sequence.  This is my personal approach and may not suit everyone so please experiment and see what works for you.

Consider these numbers as “layers” to add to your overall healing.  If any of you reading this blog are Reiki healers or Energy healers you will already have recognised that fundamentally you are using a numerical number instead of a symbol.  Here is my video explaining a little more!

Divine codes

Posted by Creation-Healing on Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Does the divine code resonate?  

Once you have drawn a divine code and if you not sure  that it resonates then self-dowse. Here’s how, it’s called the Tip Test:  

Hold the number in your left hand.  Right hand on heart chakra.  “Is this good for my body”?  If you tip forward the answer is YES.  If you tip backwards the answer is NO

As  yo know I believe that all physical health disorder can be associated with an emotional or spiritual experience – don’t worry this need not be  conscious.  Put simply,  we “park” emotions/spiritual lessons into our physical bodies. This  can be associated with past life, ancestoral, during gestation or in the present.  (example e.g. asthma after someone close has died (shock/trauma/breath taken away from you), irritable bowel during times of stress  or   possibly your reproductive health issues  could be  associated with  regret/poor past sexual relationship/self harm/termination or a miscarriage.     

How to use Divine codes

Always write the number exactly as written

  1. Write on any part of body, or on a sticker and stick it on the body/aura/under food or water.
  2. Write it in the air over or over the part of the body or garden or house/room/place etc.
  3. Pull up anything that has numbers on it (e.g. computer or phone or calculator). Type the number as large as can be and hold over the body/food etc with intention.
  4. Write the numbers down and place your food or water bottle over them for 6 hours to imprint
  5. Draw these codes onto your body,  imprint into crystals and jewellery,  draw onto flowers, your garden,  pets,  home and enhance food, water and drinks to  self heal.


Officially,  divine codes need only be repeated once but I have found this works better for me:

Repeat the physical/chakra/meridian/food/adaptogen/spiritual codes x 3

repeat the emotional code x 1

If applying to water/food/plants/crystals/elixir etc then you can place the codes under the plant/crystal etc and leave for 6 hours.

If you are interested in researching more then Reikidoc provide more codes and in depth information. Much more than I can offer within this blog.  You might also want to google Lloyd Mear.  He has developed his own system called “Energy Healing by Numbers” (2008) using dowsing and his subconscious mind or check out Cathy Hohmeyer  (nourishing9d.com)  & Dr Alex Lloyd  who also connect with Divine codes.   Or, of course please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram where I often share divine codes!


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Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.