Equinox Cleanse

Equinox Cleanse: 

Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

September 24th – October 3rd 2018  £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place!


Between the Autumn Equinox  (Sunday September 23rd) and Samhain ( October 31st /halloween)  my  last  seasonal cleanse  this year focuses on the spleen and colon  meridians to support  emotional wellbeing, boost your  immunity and maintain hormone balance.  Why cleanse now?   Cleansing  with the seasons helps us to connect  and cycle with nature, welcome the season and prepare for the winter months.  The equinox cleanse offers warming foods and a sensible eating plan throughout plus much much more.  This is not the season for fasting!

The spleen meridian  physically is associated with the spleen, pancreas and immune health.   By emotionally  balancing the spleen meridian  we metaphysically release anxiety about the future and once balanced  regain trust and have  faith and confidence for the future.  I feel this is so important  during this change of season as Mother Nature cycles  onwards, releasing and preparing the  way to  sow the seeds for transformation.

This particular  equinox cleanse dives deeper –  I am adding a gentle colon cleanse .  Chinese medicine believes that  we carry  the burden of guilt in the large intestine/colon  so cleansing this area helps the spleen meridian release, encourages forgiveness whether that is personal or directed at someone or a past trauma  and gently lets go of  guilt at a deep level.  Through  restoring   our own sense of self-esteem and self worth we surely can sow the seeds for our future and  enjoy the winter months  planning new beginnings and sow our seeds of transformation!


Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

September 24th – October 3rd 2018  £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place!

This  closed face – book  equinox cleanse focuses on  gentle naturopathic support  and daily interaction.   I include all this!

To Nourish

Herbal tea recipes for hormone balance, colon cleansing and immune support PLUS  an organic  fresh seasonal ingredient box for  delicious autumnal warming soups  to  cleanse the colon and build immunity through out the equinox cleanse.   This is not the season for  fasting so I  provide  a  sensible eating plan  and immune boosting natural recipes to feed the spleen, colon and your soul PLUS a natural colon cleansing product  all within the price.    Whilst these are not the recipes  I will be sharing here are some ideas for you to consider home remedies for immunityLet’s eatBroths and lunar digestive healingautumn remedies


To Nurture

 Daily naturopathic exercise connecting  with Mother Gaia supports this  equinox detoxification.  This specific sequence of yogic exercise helps  balance the chakras,  reverse the aging process,  encourages a balanced mind-set & restful sleep,  supports emotional and mental health, encourages flexibility and improves strength and coordination.  I shall be demonstrating 5 simple exercises which you can include daily.



The equinox cleanse includes a bottle of  hormone balancing essential oil  (creation essence) to  wear daily (included in price).  The aromatherapy blend includes  rose, clary sage, geranium,  jasmine, frankincense,  cedarwood and bergamot essential oils in a carrier  to support you both physically and emotionally.  Creation Essence and  can be applied to the skin directly.  Each bottle has been imprinted with  love and  positive healing  vibration.



I also include a  personal “vibrational  flower”  energy  remedy made specifically for you  for this equinox cleanse.  I shall make the remedy personally  for each of you  using hair analysis  and  Asyra biofeedback (included in the price).  The  remedy’s vibration is to identify and release any conscious  or unconscious blocks.




 Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

September 24th – October 3rd 2018  £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place!


Here’s a testimonial from my summer cleanse

The solstice cleanse was really well organised with only the best organic ingredients being sent.  The recipes were delicious and the yoga exercises really relaxing.  I loved every second, although I was ready for food by day 4!  And I lost half a stone! Thank you Justine! Suzi Woking 208

T&C’s apply:  This cleanse is not suitable if you are recovering from a surgical procedure, a diabetic, pregnant or lactating. If you have not worked with me beforeI will require you to complete a health questionnaire before signing up for the cleanse.

Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND is a Registered Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist,  Hormone Alchemist and intuitive healer.  Working with the  the moon, cycles and the seasons she supports hormone health with nutritional medicine and traditional  healing methods. Call her on 07747 133170 to book an appointment now.

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.