Embrace the menopause

Embrace the menopause on-line

I invite you to join this  very special women’s circle

Monday 26th June, Tuesday 27th June, Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July.  

8pm  – 9 pm

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This series of welcoming and informative women’s circle webinars  has been developed to help you.  Whether you have  oestrogen related health issues, (peri) menopausal symptoms or are simply interested in this cycle of your life  embrace the menopause is here to help you.  Join me on – line.

recognise the symptoms, understand the changes,  choose support that is right for you. Let Justine  help you nurture and nourish this period of your life.  

Embrace the menopause on-line

Monday 26th June and Tuesday 27th June,

Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July

8pm – 9 pm

I will be discussing and answering your questions on:

The symptoms of the peri-menopause  –  physical and emotional

Most  common symptoms  – menstruation changes, hot flushes, dry skin, night sweats, sleep disturbance,  anxiety and depression, memory and reduced concentration,  low libido,  vaginal dryness,  hair thinning, weight changes, painful joints

Which foods and fluids  aggravate the (peri) menopause?

 “The Hormone Balancing Diet”

Can dietary and herbal supplements help, which functional tests help identify the cause; can symptoms be associated with  other health issues,  the pros and cons of HRT

The use of  complementary therapies and traditional  natural remedies

Invest in yourself – £100

Email contact@justineevans.co.uk to reserve your place.   Once you have registered I will be asking you for a little more information about your specific concerns. This ensures embrace the menopause helps you

Places are limited!


Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND, BSc Nut Medicine  refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist. She is the founder of Creation Fertility, a registered naturopath and  a nutritional therapist who blends western science with traditional healing methods to support hormone health