Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing

Did you know that more than a pound of waste products are discharged through your skin every day? The skin is an organ of elimination just like the kidneys and the colon.   When the skin becomes inactive its pores become clogged and impurities remain in the body. This includes parabens and petro-chemicals from everyday soaps, cleansers, antiperspirants / deodorants, lotions, cosmetics and synthetic fibers worn next to the skin. The other eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys and liver are then required to work harder!

Dry skin brushing changes the health of your whole body because it stimulates lymph and blood circulation and helps to remove impurities under the skin surface.

By spending a few minutes daily, literally less than 5 minutes you can improve circulation, skin softness and quality,  reduce skin infections and irritations, increase whole body freshness and stimulate your senses. Dry skin brushing supports the immune system so if you make it a regular habit it is possible to reduce the likelihood of colds and other virals.

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits:
•  stimulates circulation and tightens skin.
•  helps digestion and reduces cellulite.
•  increases cell renewal, increased metabolic detoxification.
•  removes dead skin layers and  revitalises the skin
•  strengthens the immune system.

How to dry skin brush

Brush the skin dry. I recommend you use a long handled natural bristle skin brush. Most pharmacies, health food centres etc ell them.  Natural Dispensary dry skin brushes  (remember my promo code of Maple for 10% discount) .  Always brush towards the heart.  Shower or bath after or enjoy a massage or a far infrared thermal treatment.

Begin  at the soles of the feet brushing from the heel to the toes. Each area should be brushed about 3 times as vigorously as you feel able.  Then do the top of your feet – toes to ankles.

Work your way up your legs, shin to knee, calf to back of knee, knee to thigh,  back of knee towards bottom.

Continue to brush as vigorously as you feel able throughout but do not work over open sores or wounds.

Now work up your buttocks and then up the back towards your neck and shoulders.  Continue with your hands and up your arms towards your arm pit and shoulders. Lift your arm above your head and brush from your hand downwards to your armpit and towards your nipple.

When doing your chest focus the brush strokes towards your heart and include your breasts. Work towards the nipples.  Don’t do your face but give the back of your neck and your scalp a good brush.

Now the Abdomen area. There are various ways of doing this – either work from the groin and pubis up towards the breast/chest area, covering the whole area or, if you have digestive issues I recommend an alternative method.

From the left side of the waist brush diagonally downwards towards the pubic area. This will stimulate the rectum/sigmoid colon and support regular bowel movement. Now we activate the descending colon: Brush downwards from under your left rib towards you groin. Tranverse Colon: Starting just below the right rib cage brush straight across towards bottom of the left rib cage. Ascending Colon: From the groinal area on the right side brush upwards towards the bottom on the right rib cage.

Well done, you have stimulated each part of the colon! Finally brush in a circular movement. The starting point is the right groinal area  – brush upwards to the right rib, across to the left rib and down to the pubic area.

For hygiene reasons you need a separate brush for each member of the family, and of course you will need to wash the brush itself every couple of weeks with a paraben friendly shampoo.








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