dandelions, water and the waning moon

Dandelions, water and the waning moon

This month I have pulled an interesting set of cards  from the Creation Fertility Toolkit as we connect with the Pisceans watery new moon.  Perhaps it’s the waning moon phase when the emotions will really present!  I am inviting you to consider the use of dandelions for their health benefits.  I discuss the importance of  water and invite you to connect with the “waning moon”.  Please watch my video  (about 25 minutes) or read more below.


This “weed” is a super hero for women’s health conditions both emotionally and physically. Whether you  opt to eat dandelion leaves in your salads, make a tincture with them, bathe in them, cook with them, make dandelion tea or drink dandelion coffee,  take as a Spagyric remedy or as a supplement here are 13 benefits for including them into your life this moon cycle


  1. Despite connecting with the liver/gallbladder/solar plexus dandelion helps convert conscious or unconscious anger, fear, hate, revolt into LOVE. It lifts energy from the solar plexus into the heart chakra.
  2. Spagyric medicine believes that there is also some suffering behind this plant so I have found it  useful for those who find it easy to complain or have low self respect or self esteem.
  3. Dandelion represents community; interconnectiveness; Springtime, new beginnings and being socially active.
  4. Emotionally this plant is a “doing” plant – empowering the solar plexus, offering determination, courage, confidence and humbleness.
  5. Dandelions are connected with the planet Jupiter and Thursday. It has been connected with 12 year cycles so I often hear  “since childhood”


  1. Dandelion is the plant of the sun (with its happy sunny flower) and plant par excellence for the endocrine system. As we know many hormonal conditions are associated with oestrogen/progesterone imbalances and the liver. Whilst so many people consider herbs such as Agnus Castus/Vitex, Rhodiola, St Mary’s Thistle or Geranium as hormone balances this simple weed really helps regulate hormone balance too. Did you know oestrogen is stored in the liver?
  2. Helps reduce histamine – thereby supports allergy reactions.
  3. Cleanses kidneys and bladder so fantastic aid for “bloated fluid retention ”, UTI’s, heavy metal detoxification and amazing for all forms of blood cleansing and reduces risk of developing kidney stones
  4. Dandelion supports the pancreas as well as the liver so I often recommend it to help balance blood sugar and weight loss (see the liver/pancreas involvement here with PMS, PCOS, diabetes type 2, depression, anxiety, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, migraines and headaches, peri-menopausal symptoms).
  5. Basically it is a plant for the liver and gallbladder/bile (if you follow TCM and the organ clock the time related to it is 11 pm- 3 am) and helps reduce cholesterol and gallstones too
  6. calms digestion as it is a “bitter” so great for digestive enzyme and nutrient absorption support
  7. Dandelion can also help to balance the thyroid (again the liver organ helps support the thyroid, it’s co-factors and regulation). Generally dandelion is fabulous support for most hormone imbalances. Whether you suffer with painful/heavy/weak menses, PMT, hot flushes, dandelion can help improve the turn over of hormones
  8. Great for immune health skin issues – acne, eczema, psoriasis and shown to block SARS CoV-2 spoke proteins and their variants.
      dandeliondandelion leaf for Covid


Make a tincture:  Gather flowers, root and leaves from your garden. Discard the stems.Wash. Chop up root & leaves and add to a jar, then add flowers. You should only fill it to three quarters full. To make the tincture cover the jar contents with alcohol (I use vodka) or, if you prefer a non alcoholic preservative such as “mother apple cyder vinegar”. Generally, the ratio of fresh herbs to alcohol or apple vinegar is 1:2 (so 1 part plant to 2 parts alcohol), and the ratio of dried herbs to alcohol is 1:4 or 1: 5. Cover the jar with a lib and label/date. Let it steep in a cool, dark, dry place. During the first week, give the jar a little shake every day to swish the alcohol around the plant matter and move it around a little bit. Then let it just sit in that cupboard (or other appropriate place of your choosing) for another 5 weeks, so it’ll steep for 6 weeks in total. Once done, strain through muslin into a smaller jar with lid. This is your tincture! Discard the remains. Tincture: 20 drops in water 3 times per day.

Alternatively, buy or forage for dandelion leaves and add to your salad. They are often within the “bags of bitter salad leaves” found at the supermarket.

Add dandelion leaves and flowers to your bath. Great for a form of mindful meditation but also good for glowing skin and to ease aches and pains

Make a tea: drink both root and/or leaf or flower as an infusion. 3 cups per day

Drink dandelion coffee instead of regular coffee with month and see how you feel:  discount code is: JUSTINE23. https://www.booyahvitality.co.uk/?aff=23


Water  – we are 70% water and the moon governs water.

stay hydrated

How much do you need?  Well, this will depend on your weight and how much exercise you do. On average aim for 2 litres per day.

What form should you drink? 

Plain.  Still water has a neutral ph of 7

Sparkling is between 5- 6 so more acidic

How water helps you:

It maintains health at cellular level.  This is fundamental to life.  The sodiumpotassium pump is the primary mechanism for cells to maintain water balance between themselves and their surrounding environment. When the sodium-potassium pump is working efficiently we will be well!

Supports alkalinity

Water transports nutrients to tissues – to enable this to happen we need to be hydrated and our sodium/potassium pump to be working efficiently for correct cellular /enzymatic function.    Membrane integrity is paramount.

Supports ATP/ conversion to energy – this is what helps us feel energised!

Supports detoxification.  Hydration stimulates bowel movement and fights against constipation.  It’s also great for skin health too (remember this is also a detoxification tool)

Helps regulate the kidneys and reduces risk of  recurrent UTIs

Supports the ability to think clearly, concentrate, exercise better and improves mood.

Water helps maintain a constant temperature inside the body. It plays a major role in fever but also hot flushes!

Encourages healthy respiration.  Our lungs must have a high level of humidity.

Reduces allergy symptoms. You developed histamine when you are dehydrated

Supports immunity and function of the digestive tract and immune health.  70% of our immune function is based in our intestines.  Cellular and mucosal integrity is paramount to good health.  It cannot happen if we are not drinking water.

Affects every system within the body including our heart.

Possible health symptoms of  water dehydration: muscle cramps, bones disorders,  dry vagina,  sore tongue, dry skin, premature ageing, low libido, fatigue, tiredness, stress related  disorders, headaches and migraines, joint pains, inflammation in the body, tinnitus, tachycardia and heart palpitations, high blood pressure, dry mouth, congestion within the body, IBS/gut health issues, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, coughs, sore throats, sinusitis, poor exercise tolerance, breathlessness, hayfever, allergies, bloating

What  fluids dehydrate us?

Coffee, alcohol, salt, refined/convenience foods, stress and anxiety, vaccinations due to the heavy metals within them, bubbly drinks including fizzy water.  Sparkling water contains CO2 gas, the bubbles in this fizzy drink can cause burping, bloating and other gas symptoms. Some sparkling water brands also contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose which can alter your gut microbiome

Inspirations to help you hydrate this month  

Use a neti pot – if you suffer with allergies

Eat plenty of plant foods – they contain water naturally

Drink plain water – spring water is ideal if possible or filtered water.  Aim for 1.5 litres to 2 litres per day. Sip it slowly throughout the day and keep it at room temperature.

You can support your hormones and overall health by blasting your body with cold water at the end of your shower.  Work up from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. For more information on this please read Hydrotherapy and hormones

Include Epsom salt baths – 500 grams per bath and soak for 20 minutes.  This supports transdermal absorption and calcium/magnesium ratio

Water meditation: Visualise that you are standing under a waterfall on a beautiful warm sunny day.  Imagine the water flowing over and through your aura, physical body and deep into the Earth cleansing and hydrating mind body and soul.

Drink linseed tea to support cellular integrity and support sodium/potassium pump

Linseed tea recipe: 

You will need a large stainless steel pan, filled with about 2 or 3 litres of cold filtered water. I use 6 tbsp linseeds for a thick tea but you might prefer to begin with with 3 or 4 and see how you like the consistency.  Bring the seeds and water almost to the boil but as soon as you see it starting to boil, switch the hob off as it can overflow very quickly. Leave it to sit for 6-8 hours later (or overnight). Once soaked simmer on a low heat for about an hour. After this it’s ready to drain and drink. It’s easier to drain the seeds when still hot as it gets more mucilaginous as it cools. Once cooled, it can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. If you find it difficult to drink then make it gloopy and take a tablespoon of it daily.

The Waning Moon

This moon phase means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from it’s fullness towards the new moon. This is a time to release. For many women it represents the 2nd half of the womb cycle.

  • if you are having vaccinations this is the time – we detox much easier during this moon phase.
  • It is time to start taking things apart if they are required.  I am thinking  breaking bad habits or ending relationship cycles.
  • A time to review endeavors and correct mistakes, the waning moon invites us to settle disputes and make amends. It really is a great time to let go of old ways of thinking and doing things
  • Give thanks for what has been achieved
  • Time to harvest and begin renewal – creative release
  • Slow down a little – gently  allowing your energy to flow downwards as the cycle continues once more towards the dark moon/new moon.  Many women begin to feel a sense of withdrawing.
  • The period of the waning moon lasts about 14 days. Both the moon and  the womb invite you to return inwards and communicate with your creative centre  once more. Be patient, it takes time to re-connect.  Wait for the right time  and share what’s in your womb creative centre.
  •  Often post ovulation – many women ovulate with the full moon and I see many women suffer with peri menopausal symptoms during the waning phase – low libido/headaches/joint pain/constipation/UTI’s.  Remember the moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides, the element of water, natural cycles and seasons.  As the sacral chakra/womb centre is a water element  it too is  governed by Shakti moon energy.

Womb  breathing exercise:

This exercise helps you identify with Shakti moon energy, Mother Gaia and your womb.   If you use it over the new moon it can help you  re-connect with your visions and communicate with your truth.  It’s intention is to offer you a tool to rekindle your friendship with  your feminine centre, listen to your own needs and provides a cyclic  moon/womb exercise  to make changes, ignite projects or refocus  stagnating creative endeavours to live your dream or fulfil your life purpose.  I  liken it to a personal journal- in fact  intention and purpose is greatly increased if you write your  experiences and intentions down each month  plus the influencing moon energy.  I have found it helps me follow my spiritual path, understand myself, and feel a lot calmer and clearer about life.

Find space to listen
Find some space and silent time to meditate.  There is no rush.  Simply give yourself the space to relax, turn your messages off , light a candle, sit  or lie comfortably, and slow down your mind.  Maybe you would like to sit outside under the silvery light of the full moon, or the darkness of the new moon.  Simply quieten yourself down  with some breathing and meditation, until you reach the stillness within. When you feel comfortable you are in your body and connected with your inner self,  place your hands on your lower abdomen in the yoni mudra as the illustration shows. Breathe beautiful oxygenating breaths into your womb centre, imagining that these breaths are clearing and cleansing the sacral centre as you connect with your core.

Alternatively , you can make this into an art piece and draw or write your thoughts and ideas into this womb template.

When you are ready,   gently sit up and write your thoughts, feelings or  intentions down.  We are constantly receiving messages from our intuition/womb centre, but they are much easier to hear when we consciously connect with moon energy and take time for silence.

Other thoughts:

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Disclaimer: This article has been written for inspiration and education purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or health condition nor consider any allergies you may suffer with.  It does not replace evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment by  your qualified health care professional.

Justine Evans ND – Natural fertility expert & hormone alchemist.  Justine  is a registered naturopath, nutritional therapist, body worker and healer.  She integrates functional  and naturopathic medicine with eastern philosophy to provide a multi dimensional approach to reproductive well being. Contact Justine on 07747 133170 for an online consultation now.


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