Cycling with the moon

Can you join me for “Cycling with the Moon” live video on Facebook. Tuesday 27th February @ 7.30pm 

So what does Cycling with the Moon mean?

The Moon offers you a deep understanding of your cyclic nature.  She helps you consciously connect with your personal energy, your seasons and  Mother Earth’s  seasons.   She helps you understand there is time for intention,  project planning and action,  followed by  gentle release, reflection and rest.   Let me help you connect with lunar  illumination and gentle healing.

During 2018 I decided that I would host a  facebook Live video (as advertised on my workshops and events page) re-connecting with women via an on-line FREE women’s group.  Each month I have decided to share my knowledge on hormone alchemy and natural medicine.  Last month I shared tips on boosting natural immunity.

This month we are talking about lunar energy and MOON MAJICK.  How and why it impacts on our emotions and menstrual cycle.  Why it is time to “awaken the goddess within”, re-connect with the sacral chakra, the womb centre  (even if you have had a hysterectomy or are not “menstruating” any more you still have  a sacral centre.  Re-connecting with the Shakti/soul centre  helps empower women  to productive creativity  in all forms and find their true self.)

Let me show you how to reconnect with moon cycles and flows using lunar energy.

I will be sharing easy to follow  new moon and full moon rituals  to help you remain focused and positive.  I will also be demonstrating how to make your own “money tree”, and how you can use this with each moon cycle to set intentions and bring abundance to your life.

We complete the women’s circle with a led meditation bathing in full moon energy and connecting with Gaia Earth.


Notes and rituals are below.  You may also find the link to meditations on line  and new moon abundance cheques helpful .

New Moon Ritual2018

Full moon ritual 2018

Video’s are recorded and available to watch anytime after the live event after 27th February.  Please join me!

Next month:  Connect with Spring Energy, sacral and solar plexus, DIY Castor oil packs, dance and  abdominal  massage!

Justine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert who integrates her “science brain” with Eastern philosophy and traditional natural medicine.  Justine considers this  a 21st century approach to hormone health!  Passionate about hormonal health, cycles and seasons Justine  works with the Wheel of the Year and would love to share her knowledge with you. If you are interested in seeing Justine  for a Hormone MOT, attending a workshop or event or wishing to experience some alchemy please contact her on 07747 133170