Tea and tarot groups in Stroud

Tea and Tarot courses in Stroud 2023.

Tarot and Spiritual Development Courses in Stroud:  2023

My groups and courses are experiential and encourage personal development.  I provide a safe space helping you develop your intuitive skills up to professional level.


Spiritual Development group - Tuesday mornings 10am -12 noon from January 10. 7 weeks £84

Are you interested in developing card reading, intuitive skills and healing?  I hold a safe space encouraging your development of intuitive and healing skills.  I am an experienced medium/psychic, card reader, Reiki Master/Teacher and Priestess of New Avalon who is happy to share my knowledge. My course groups are small (maximum of 6) to encourage a circle that remains supportive for everyone within it. Over the weeks we shall be working with protection methods and connection

The importance of cleansing and programming oracle cards plus learn some simple angel cards readings

Weekly exercises to develop higher consciousness/intuition including clairvoyance (seeing) , clairaudience (hearing) , clairsentience (feeling), clairecognizant (knowing), clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting)  clairtangency (touch) and feeling energy healing.

Exploring world healing via casting the web of light, the Loving Kindness meditation and the Ho'oponopono prayer plus much more

Interested but have further questions?

For more information on any of my workshops or seasonal cleanses please contact@justineevans.co.uk or phone 07747 133170

February 2024 - November 2024

The Goddesses - Let me introduce you to the women-honouring deities and archetypes who I am connected with. I introduce  monthly rituals & living practices exploring the Goddesses; their mantras  or chants, strengths and energy, meditations and I show you how to call them in. Over the 10 months I introduce you to 5 Hindu/yogic deities - Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Durga, Shakti and the Sacral Goddess. The course also covers Celtic and Egyptian Goddesses including The Divine Priestess Mary, the Egyptian midwife Tauret; the Earth Mother herself – Gaia in her water form and Earth form, and the Celtic Triple Goddess – Brighid with her fire energy.

Each month you receive:

An exclusive wisewoman box via post containing a Goddess card, a crystal, traditional plant medicine/bath soak/essential anointing oil or an energy spray associated with the Goddess of the month and more! Each wisewoman box will be different. 

Join me in zoom circle once per month (1st Saturday morning of the month) to share rituals, meditations and learn more about the Goddesses and experience her energy.  A recording of the event will also be available.  All this for only £500 including postage within the UK or opt for a payment plan

For more information please contact me by email contact@justineevans.co.uk


Pay monthly 

One instalment payment £500

Ibiza bespoke

Bespoke wellbeing holidays – a holiday the way you want it

Welcome to wellbeing holidays with Abra Willis and Justine – focusing on supporting you and your group. Enjoy a week long holiday or a long weekend. Treat yourself to a unique and memorable escape located in a private finca in rutal Ibiza. Perfect breaks for small groups up to 6.

re-energise and renew with a balance of yoga, massage, meditation, nutritional therapy, cleanses, hormone wellbeing cleanses, healing and development workshops – all arrange to suit you and you group.

Custom build your escape around

A twice daily yoga led by Abra

treatments and one day workshops by Justine – massage, nutrition, fertility, meditation, beginners tarot/angel cards, reiki healing, runes or anything else you might like to try! We can provide breakfasts and evening meals, plus drop off and pick up trips to some of the nicest beaches and markets on the island.

contact@justineevans.co.uk to build your bespoke holiday

Become your own womb doula

This year I very excited to launch my womb doula courses. If you have an interest in reproductive health and would like to understand both Western science and natural traditional medicine approaches then choose the "become your own womb doula course".

If your interest is more Eastern philosophy based and  you are looking to expand your knowledge on moon energy, meditation, the Goddess, crystals and healing then choose womb doula workshop 2 or of course do both! With a strong focus on the physical and energetic approach to reproductive health both workshops are suitable for everyone.

"What is a wombdoula? My definition of “wombdoula” means a knowledgeable person who offers support and advice without judgement. This specifically relates to reproductive wellbeing – from maiden to mother to crone. I cover puberty, menstruation; uterine/womb health imbalance and covers all hormonal health imbalances – (fertility, pregnancy, pre-natal/birth/post natal support and the peri- menopausal and menopausal years)"

wombdoula workshops

Attending my zoom workshops provide tools to support your wellbeing or add to your professional health practice. I am sharing my 23 years of clinical experience, academic knowledge and spiritual development with you!


Wombdoula workshop 1 Earth Mother

Become your own womb doula

Dates to be confirmed.  Join me in zoom circle to discuss reproductive health issues and learn how to become your own “womb doula”.  Over the course I share 25 years of my clinical expertise and experience to help you “reconnect, listen and honour your sacral womb using nature’s medicine”.  Open to a maximum of 10. Please note the course fee covers all 8 sessions.

Part 1: Womb Ecology and Naturopathy

We focus on modern day health concerns relating to the four phases of the menstrual phase and their associated menstrual disorders - ovulation, absent, heavy, irregular, painful menses, pre menstrual tension,  fibroids, uterine cysts, poly cystic ovaries, endometriosis, the menopausal womb,  HPV, ablations, hysterectomies and prolapses.  I discuss Western treatment methods and nature’s alternatives to regulate these conditions.   Find out which functional medicine assessment tests are the most helpful but recognise their pro’s and con’s.  Let us connect with the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  I invite you to explore hydrotherapy, cleanses, thermal, mineral baths, steams, compresses, abdominal massage, breathing techniques, visualisation, exercise and acupressure to support your reproductive wellbeing.  Let me show you how to incorporate them into your personal or seasonal cycles, when to include them for their positive health benefits and  learn to appreciate their limitations too.

Sign up to become your own womb doula here

Part 2:  Nourishing the Womb

21st  century plant medicine. We are covering 7 essential oils and their uses,  5  Spagyric/homeotoxicology remedies for hormone balance (premenstrual, fertility, polycystic, menopausal, endometriosis) and 5  garden plants  for hormone and menstrual well being.  To complete this course we develop a nourishing  hormone happy diet and a healthy lifestyle to regulate symptoms and your cycle.

Sign up to become your own womb doula here

Wombdoula workshop 2. Cosmic Mother. Dates tbc

Moonology The phases of the moon. How it influences bleeds, conception, death and (re) birth. The Wheel of the Year – seasonal health & its influence on menstrual cycles and womb ecology – Understand ovulation and conception. The role of hormones; mucus etc plus options to enable traditional and modern tracking.

Traditional philosophy and meditation The theory of re-incarnation, soul arrival during a pregnancy and soul departure as we complete our lives. How to incorporate affirmations, visualisation and meditation into your daily practice

Fertility/Womb doula Associate

Spiritual Midwifery – The Goddesses. What is spiritual midwifery? Who are the Goddesses? I introduce you to the women-honouring deities and archetypes who I am connected with. I introduce rituals & living that cultivates some understanding of this vast subject. What exactly is Shakti and the triple aspects of Maiden, Mother, Crone? We explore the Goddesses; their kundalini chants, strengths and energy and how to call them in. Over the course we connect with Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Durga, The Divine Mother Mary, the Egyptian midwife Tauret; the Earth Mother herself – Gaia, and the Celtic Triple Goddess – Brighid.

Crystals (rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian, silver, shiva lingams, mookaite). Their influence on moon cycles, hormone balance and fertility; their connection with the Goddesses and emotional well being. How the moon influences crystals and when you can use crystals. Practical – programming and cleansing crystals, how to make crystal tinctures and cleansing sprays. Why, how and when they are appropriate.

My courses are open to everyone but if you are a CAM/therapist/practitioner I ask you to become a wombdoula associate with me.

  • Wombdoula associate – the nitty gritty. How it works and what’s in it for you – email me contact@justineevans.co.uk for more information and how you can join me. Support on-going clinical research; learn my marketing approach; enjoy a practitioner discount scheme; have your details added to my websites, join a closed facebook group for community; support and invitations for group meet-ups and marketing at live events.

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