Castor oil for hormone balance

Castor oil for hormone balance

Are your hormonally challenged?  Whilst we are all different (I recommend everyone is assessed individually) I have found many hormonal  health conditions benefit from castor oil packs – a traditional healing remedy.   When these simple and effective packs are used appropriately  they support many  symptoms associated with liver health and hormone balance.



Did you know castor oil is considered to bring white light into the body?  White light contains all the colours of the spectrum and from both a natural  health and esoteric perspective is considered an important colour for vibrational healing


Castor oil and hormone balance

If you suffer with any of the following symptoms castor oil packs may help you!

Anxiety, mood changes , poor concentration, foggy brain, peri- menopause and menopause symptoms including hot flushes, intolerance to HRT, recurrent headaches,  aching joints and pains.  I have also found it helpful post failed assisted conception procedures, fibroids, poly cystic ovaries, polyps and cysts, endometriosis, when preparing for pregnancy or when trying to conceive.   Other reasons to consider your liver and the use of castor oil packs  – sluggish metabolism, chemical sensitivities, environmental sensitivities and alcohol intolerance, cravings for sugar, intolerance to fatty foods, nausea, abdominal bloating, gall bladder disturbance, leaky gut, irritable bowel, allergies.  They are also useful when wishing to break down adhesions and scarring which includes post surgery support (such as hernia)

Within clinic I have found castor oil packs

Deeply relaxing. Castor oil packs help to calm the nervous system
Helps to balance eliminations/bowel movements such as constipation, flatulence or stimulate detoxification.
As an aid to encourage liver and gall bladder stimulation – this helps nutrient absorption and aids  hormonal balance (many hormones are stored in the liver including oestrogen). Peri menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, migraines, joint aches, pains and foggy head have all been reduced using nutritional therapy and castor oil packs
Helping to dissolve and remove adhesions and lesions – I have had great results working with clients post surgery including hernia operations and reducing fibroids and endometriosis.
Can help to relieve pain – such as ovulation, endometriosis, menstruation cramps and poly cystic pain
Supports lymphatic  flow and immunity
Stimulates organs and glands
Co-ordinates liver and kidney function
Reduces nausea so helpful with hormonal headaches and migraines
Reduces inflammation
Supports kidney function, thus reduces bloating and soothing urinary tract disorders
Preparing for pregnancy, when trying to conceive and sub-fertility support

When to use a castor oil pack:

During the Spring time when naturopathically we are clearing the liver or use it during ovulation or if you have fibroids or scar tissue that you want to break down.



Lunar energy: Around the full moon or during the 3 phases of the moon  as it connects with earth, air,  and fire.  This will depend on your personal circumstance and womb bleed cycle.  For instance I do not recommend you apply castor oil packs when you are pregnant, bleeding or post ovulation if you are trying to conceive.   Also under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol or when you are ill or on prescriptive medication unless under guidance of a qualified practitioner.

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How to apply a castor oil pack

Ayurveda approach – apply for 20 minutes. Naturopathic approach – apply in excess of 60 minutes

Castor oil packs can be used on most areas the body although a pack should also be placed on the liver in addition to any other areas.

Directions: Pour enough cold pressed castor oil over a flannel to saturate it. Warm the saturated flannel by either placing in microwave for a short period or steaming over hot water. Once warmed, lie down and place the warmed flannel over your liver – located on the right side under the breast bone and underneath the right side of the rib cage. Place an old towel over the pack and wrap the towel around yourself to avoid leakage, and as an aid to keep the castor oil pack in place. Now place a hot water bottle or similar on top of the towel above the castor oil pack. Lie still and relax for 20-30 minutes. Once completed store the pack and then ensure you drink a large mug of warm water to support release of the toxins.

Storage: Keep flannel in an air tight container and use up to 20 times again – although the castor oil may need to be topped up periodically before replacing fully.


Disclaimer:  The information above has been offered as guidance only.  I recommend the suitability for the use of castor oil packs should be assessed  individually by a healthcare professional


Justine Evans ND is a hormone alchemist and fertility expert.  She runs a clinic in Twickenham, Greater London and an online clinic from Stroud, Gloucestershire.  For appointments please call  07747 133170