Calm your hormones with my summer offer


Calm your hormones with my summer  offer

Valid between June 1st – August 31st.  

Even better…. it’s only £200.00  

– that’s for 4 signature treatments, AND  it compliments  Embrace the Menopause perfectly



As the wheel of the year turns we greet summer.  I think everyone feels better during this season, I certainly do.  Summertime offers us a time of abundance, beauty, festivals, high energy, the longest day (summer solstice),  long evenings and warm sun energy.

So, between 1st June and the end of August  I  invite you to calm your hormones with this summer offer.

Take time out, connect with Mother nature; relax and calm those hormones!  

Let me show you how to re-connect with the natural senses “aroma, listen, see, feel, taste”.  This grounding mindful practice in nature quietens the constant monkey chatter of your mind and encourages the nervous system to balance.   Sink into tranquility as you re-connect with Mother Earth’s beauty. Let nature rest your mind and invite your hormones to return to equilibrium.

Calm your hormones with my summer offer  INCLUDES

4 signature treatments

Phone  me, Justine  on 07747133170 to arrange your appointments now

Re-connect with 2 mindful meditations in nature

Whatever stage of life you currently are  (irregular womb cycles, bleeds, ovulation, 2 week wait, pregnancy, hormone imbalances or peri menopause)  I show you how to mindfully connect your breath and body  with nature.

Learn the art of  consciously connecting with the 5 senses

Unity breathing

Connect your personal womb cycle with  Mother Earth (these mindful meditation are outside)

If you are currently pregnant these mindful meditations will be adapted to help you connect with Mother Earth and your baby. If you are nearing your baby’s birth date I show you breathing techniques connecting with nature to use during the birth.

Calm your hormones with 2 signature hormonal or menopausal reflexology  treatments or  Reiki and energy healing 

These beautiful complementary therapy treatments each last  60 minutes and  will be specific to your personal  hormonal situation, whether that be associated with the menopausal years, fertility awareness or  during a pregnancy.  My signature treatments  are truly bespoke and  differ with each person.  I may include the use of Spagyrics, Creation aromatherapy essence, crystals and guidance cards; If you are  trying to conceive I will be using  the Creation Fertility Toolkit.  If you are already pregnant and nearing your baby’s birth we will use the Creation Fertility Birthing Kit.  If you are menopausal I may  include Castor oil or Far infared or something different!.  I am here to nurture and nourish.


Call Justine Evans ND 07747 133170

to arrange your  hormone balancing summer  NOW!