Autumn Newsletter

I love this time of year – a real sense of change in the air but an abundance of energy from nature and the animal kingdom. If you have an allotment you will know that it is a time for harvesting, clearing  and then hibernation –  restoring the Earth during winter to prepare for  new beginnings in Spring.   If you take time to walk in  Windsor, Bushy or Richmond Park you will be well aware of the energy the deer and their rutting are presently vibrating! For them  their  abundant energy  focuses on  “Preparation for New Life”.  Interestingly, one of the best natural supplements I have found for low libido is a combination of Peruvian  Macca root and Velvet Deer Antler (from live American Elk).  There is obviously a reason why the deer use the antlers so forcefully whilst rutting!     This Autumn newsletter focuses on Autumn and  how is resonates from a naturopathic perspective, associating the changing rhythms of nature with  physical, emotional and mental health.  The autumn period connects with the lungs and large intestine. It is a time for transformation and change.  A time to gather our energy together, a  time for internal cleansing and releasing  physical and emotional rubbish.

I include details of how you can help yourselves with meditation, nutrition, Energy remedies and healing, plus some great special offers – details of a great space clearing workshop on the 6th November, recipes and much more! Autumn2014e-newsletter