Are you missing your friends?

Are you missing your friends as we continue with the lockdown? Let me help you.  This month I am focusing on the importance of breathwork and friends to support  your reproductive  and immune health.

This month I drew 3 beautiful cards

I have broken our focus down into 2 easy steps.  I  have included a  “friendship” visualisation for you to listen to daily and the kundalini chant – Ra Ma Sa Sa Sa So Hung – meaning I am infinite universal energy which is believed to support distance healing and sending love to friends.  (video above also includes a bonus distance healing meditation).  I am also including some kriya breathing techniques gifted from my friend Muriel Mueller of  MuMu yoga.

After the full moon I will be discussing  adaptogen naturopathic nutrition – the herb ashwaganda and the medicinal mushrooms – reishi and cordyceps to support your adrenals and  immunity.

So – let’s start!

Are you missing your friends?

Friendship can mean so many different things to different people.

What is your definition of friendship?  Do any of these resonate definitions with you?

The state of being friends: the relationship between friends

Simply the trust that someone will not hurt you

A friendly feeling or attitude: kindness or help given to someone

The urban dictionary describes friendship as “when you love someone with every ounce of your being and genuinely want them to be happy even if it means sacrificing something yourself to make them happy”

A true friend is someone you can talk to about your feelings, someone you can tell things you could never tell your family or even your partner.

They are someone who you don’t have to talk to but someone you want to talk to; someone you will go out of your way to be with.

Friendship is when you love someone so much you want to hold them and never let go, someone you want to rest your head on and cry, and you would let them cry on you too.

It’s someone you can talk to about things you disagree on and end up being closer for that disagreement.

When you think about someone and how close you are to them and how much you love them and you smile and are happy all over.

The Dali Lama explains friendship as “When your love for someone exceeds your need for them”

True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself

The reason why I am exploring friendship  so deeply is because it may help you enjoy this visualisation.

This visualisation takes about 20 minutes so is best when you have time for stillness.  When you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give time to yourself find a quiet space.  Decide on how you would like to meditate –  prepare your space with cushions and a blanket if you prefer to lie shavasana or sitting in a chair.  Turn turn off the lights, light a candle, anoint yourself with some Creation Essence or burn some incense.  Set your intention and  be ready to calm the mind.

Stay strong. Share your fears and dreams with  friends and reach out if you need help and support.

Card 26.  The new moon

The second card I pulled was Card 26 – just like last month.  The new moon indicates a new lunar cycle of 29 days and a new beginning.  We can link this card with many aspects  of moonology – use an abundance cheque, connect it with your monthly bleed, associate it with new beginnings,  even a deity or goddess – last month we associated it with Durga the warrior goddess  who blesses us with protection and courage.

This month I have associated the new moon card with the beautiful mantra  Chant – Ra Ma Sa Sa Sa So Hung which means “I am infinity energy”. A wonderful chant because we are being given this opportunity to re-connect with nature.

I think it’s always easier to chant when you understand it’s meaning

Ra: sun energy – Ma: moon energy – Da: earth energy – Sa: infinity/universal energy

Say: merges with Sa – Sa: merges with Sa so you can interpret this as totality of Infinity

Hung: the infinite, vibrating and real.  Fundamentally this chant helps us to connect with the 5 elements (sun, moon, earth, sky, ether) and is believed to  support distance healing.

It cuts across time and space so you can send healing energy to someone thousands of miles away as easily as you can send it to someone across the room.”
-Shakti Parwha Kaur

Kundalini yoga practitioners have been using this meditation for over 40 years to send healing energy to a loved one or the world. 

The teaching of yogi Bajhan  suggests you mentally visualize yourself, the world or a person you are wishing to send the healing energy too before you begin the chant.  I recommend you chant out loud or  simply listen to the chant for as long as you wish – you may want to  repeat  the chant 21 times using the creation wrist mala but other schools recommend you repeat it for 11 to 31 minutes daily.

As you inhale chant Ra Ma Da Sa – pause for a moment then as you exhale chant Sa Say So hung. Pause and then repeat. To end the meditation, inhale deeply and hold the breath. Visualize the person you are sending the healing to as healthy, radiant, and strong. See the person completely engulfed in a healing white light. Exhale.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Now –  inhale deeply, stretch your arms up high, and shake out your hands and fingers for several seconds.

If you prefer you can listen to this mantra chant by Ajeet Kaur



I am delighted to  share this 4 minute video from my beautiful  yoga friend Muriel Mueller. Here she demonstrates nourishing and cleansing breathing practices to support your lungs; increase vitality; boost your immunity and help you to remain well, positive and happy.  Try to include these breathing exercises as often as possible. By the way, I like to listen to the kundalini chant RA Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung at the same time.


Muriel from MuMuYoga is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, yoga therapist, pregnancy and fertility yoga teacher and chakra dance teacher. She has been teaching women of all ages and during all stages of their lives for over 20 years. Muriel is currently offering zoom classes or you can email:  Updates on classes, locations, dates and times she asks you to sign up for her newsletter or follow her on social media


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