Justine Evans ND Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert

Justine Evans ND, BSc Nut.Med is a hormone alchemist and founder of Creation Fertility. Offering a multi-dimensional approach to health, Justine integrates western nutritional science with traditional alchemy and yogic philosophy to provide personalised wellbeing programmes.


What is Naturopathic wellbeing? A personalised approach to your health and wellbeing. I consider natural seasons (that includes your internal season) whilst integrating traditional healing approaches with Western nutritional science to restore hormonal health and wellbeing.

Justine Evans ND


Mobile: 07747 133170
e-mail: contact@justineevans.co.uk
Twitter: twitter@createfertility, Instagram@hormonealchemy
facebook@ CreationHealing

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Justine Evans ND, B.Sc N Med, Hormone Alchemist:

  • Hormone Alchemist and Nutritional Therapist 1997
  • Registered Naturopath (ND) (2013) with a BSc. in Nutritional Medicine (2009)
  • Bio-resonance health screening (Asyra)
  • Functional laboratory and genomic testing
  • Considers outside stress factors which may be impacting on your health
Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert

Hormone Health and Fertility Expert. All hormone influenced health issues including polyps, cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, menstruation irregularities, (in)fertility, pregnancy health, menopause imbalances, thyroid and other endocrine or stress related illnesses

  • Founder of Creation Fertility – supporting conceptual health and sub-fertility

  • Hormone Alchemist, Fertility Expert and Nutrition Coach
  • Author – Create Health and Exploring Meditation
  • Complementary Health Practitioner – Seasonal Health Programmes, reflexology, far infrared thermal therapy, Bio-Regulatory/Spagyric remedies

  • Alchemist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer

Professional memberships: GNC (General Naturopathic Council); NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association), The Infertility Network UK, a Foresight Practitioner, The Fertility Reflexology Network.

Where: Online, Stroud, Gloucestershire and Twickenham London

Contact Justine Evans Hormone Alchemist

07747 133170 or e-mail at contact@justineevans.co.uk

Day and evening appointments available. Cash, Paypal, bank transfer, cheques with guarantee card, debit and credit cards.All treatments are based on the individual and full consultations are taken. Please bring any medication you may be taking to the consultation and copies of any functional laboratory tests.