Seasonal Health Programmes

Seasonal Health Programmes  designed to support women’s health and well being.  Connect with naturopathic philosophy, nutritional programmes,  therapies and workshops

Winter: Rejuvenate and relax – £300 for 6 treatments

Available: December 1stFebruary 28th/29th 

Now extended to March 28th to support the Spring Hormone Detox!


Winter Restore and RelaxWith short days and long evenings this seasonal health programme offers time to rejuvenate and relax.   I invite you to a course of 6  hour treatments  comprising 30 minutes back neck and shoulders hot stones massage, followed by a lymphatic facial massage  in the Far Infrared “Cocoon”.  End with a cup of steaming home made turmeric tea. Call Justine on 07747 133170 for more information.

For more information on this Winter Seasonal Offer click here


Spring: Hormone Detox.  FREE Hormone Detox on line. Begins SUNDAY 26TH FEBRUARY  – TUESDAY 28TH MARCH – FREE!!!!

Bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance

Spring Hormone DetoxThe Spring Hormone Detox – suitable for most women providing you are not pregnant or lactating!

Ensure a spring in your step with a natural 4 week ON LINE FREE  detox using natural foods and traditional medicine. Let  Justine guide you towards healthy  re-balanced hormones and  positive thought.

Each  Sunday a new video  (5 in total) will be available to you,  guiding you step by step towards balanced hormones.  NO supplements are used within this programme.  We will be using seasonal natural foods, paraben free home made body scrubs,  aromatherapy, a body compress, 1 natural detox support remedy (optional), living teas, skin brushes and weekly recipes to restore hormone balance.  A shopping list is provided with discount links for  products. There are no time restraints for you – you can watch the video’s at times that suit you during  the whole of March once you have registered to join this on line hormone detox and you can intereact with other participants on my facebook page.
The first video introduces the programme!  I will explain  naturopathic philosophy, moon energy and the 5 elements.  I will discuss how to use this on line FREE hormone detox programme and how it encourages hormone balance.

Week 1: The New Moon.  This week we work with the element of Earth, focusing on  morning  regimes including how to make your own hormone balancing natural body scrub.  I offer healthy breakfast recipes and nutritional guidance to gently encourage your body to cleanse.

Week 2:  As the moon waxes our energy increases.  This week we add additional detoxifying and hormone balancing support such as breathing techniques, exercise, healthy lunches and snacks.

Week 3:  Around the full moon our energy is high.  This week we add fire/heat to the programme, focusing on juices  and compresses for liver support.  It is time to consider evening meals as the cleanse reaches its peak.

Week 4: As the moon wanes our energy begins to slow down. The hormone balancing cleanse is nearly complete.  This week we consider how to close the detox using the element of water.  It is time to soothe and release

 For additional information click here.  To register your attendance to the FREE Spring Hormone Detox with Justine Evans ND, Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert simply email . 


Summer seasonal health programme available  June 1st – August 31st.  £200.00 for 4 signature treatments with Justine

As the wheel of the year turns we greet the summer season.  A time of beauty, holidays, high energy, the summer solstice,  long evenings and warm sun energy.

Between 1st June and the end of August  I am offering something very special to help balance those hormones, quieten the monkey chatter and  remain living in the “present”.  Now is the time to bask in the beauty of Mother Earth and celebrate life.   This summer  seasonal health programme includes personalised walks in nature – learn the art of breathing, seeing clearly and  mindful meditation to help detach from your monkey mind and restore balance within.  I also include 2 reflexology or reiki  treatments  to calm and support stress levels and hormone health.

2 x  1-2-1 mindful meditation sessions plus

2 x signature reflexology  or Reiki treatments.

Call Justine Evans ND on 07747 133170 to arrange your  summer seasonal programme now!


Embrace the Menopause –   starts Monday 26th June 

I invite you to join this  very special women’s circle.  

Recognise the many aspects of the peri menopause,  embrace this stage of your life and gain empowerment through knowledge.

This interactive weekly group chat  (probably online) over 4 evenings will be informal and welcoming.  I am offering wisdom and advice to support this cycle of your life and will be discussing and answering your questions on:

The emotional feelings generated by the peri-menopause  (confidence, anxiety, irritability, ageing fears, depression)

How foods and fluids regain balance and ease  symptoms  “The Hormone Balancing Diet”

Reducing symptoms –   womb bleeds, menstruation changes, flushes, sleep disturbances, nervousness, stress symptoms,  low libido,  weight gain

We also will be discussing the use of supplements, functional tests and additional support

Invest in yourself:  only £100.  Please email me for more information and to reserve your place.  Places are limited!


Autumn:  Awaken Shakti – Release and Let Go  

Available September 1st – November 30th

Nurture the sacral chakra, release and prepare for transformation. Journal included  

Autumn Seasonal Health Programme with Justine EvansWeek1:   Nutrition Evaluation with Asyra™ health screening to support seasonal and hormonal health.  There will be an option of  Spagyric Essences when indicated and nutritional supplements*

Week 2: 1-2-1 Numerology and  Reiki session . I will also show you how to use your  journal to support this programme.

Week 3:  60 minute treatment with includes a signature massage and far infrared session.

Week 4 – 6:  Signature 60 minute treatments to prepare for transformation.   These treatments may include a moon ritual, reflexology, body compresses such as ginger or castor oil or vaginal steaming, Energy Healing, a signature massage, meditation, coaching and a “Intuitive Reading” or additional nutritional evaluation.

These seasonal health programmes fit very well with my Love Your Womb Events and Seasonal Retreats

Justine Evans ND BSc Nut.Med – fertility expert, hormone alchemist and founder of Creation Fertility. A multi-dimensional approach to health, blending western nutritional science with traditional alchemy and yogic philosophy.